Town Tour: 3 Local Landmarks to Visit in Cromwell

February 16, 2022 | Uncategorized
Town Tour: 3 Local Landmarks to Visit in Cromwell

Looking for fresh air while exploring some of Cromwell’s most important monuments? Look no further. Here are three landmarks to visit to learn more about Cromwell.

Cromwell World War One Memorial

If you’ve ever wondered how Cromwell’s residents served in World War I, the town has erected a memorial consisting of a large rock upon a white stone base. On top of the rock sits a fierce bronze American Bald Eagle perched on a doughboy helmet.

If you look closely, you’ll even see a large angel with wings stretched over the names, a symbol of protection.

Portland Brownstone Arch

Located less than a mile from Cromwell, in nearby Portland, is the Portland Brownstone Arch.

In the 1800s, queries would chain massive stone slabs to a 30 foot wooden trailer with 8 foot wheels and, with the help of oxen, would haul to the next location.

One of those trailers has since been restored and now sits at Portland’s Main Street pavilion.

Cromwell Historical Marker

If you’ve ever made the trip to Town Hall, you’ve likely seen Cromwell’s blue historic marker, which tells the story of Cromwell’s past. It reads, “This area was settled in 1650 as a rural farming community known as middletown Upper Houses. It was incorporated and named Cromwell in 1851. The 18th century saw a thriving riverport, followed by brownstone quarrying and several factories including J. &. E Stevens Company, noted for mechanical iron banks and toys. The A.N. Pierson, Inc. greenhouses rank among the world’s largest and as a rose grower Cromwell was given the title, “Rose Town.” The Old Burying Ground, granted in 1713, is the resting place of veterans of the French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and the Civil War.”