Top Dog Trails: The Best Trails Near The Landon of Cromwell for Daily Dog Walks

March 15, 2022 | Uncategorized
Top Dog Trails: The Best Trails Near The Landon of Cromwell for Daily Dog Walks

We’ll highlight three trails near The Landon where residents can walk their pups.

So your pup has made clear to you that they would appreciate an expanded walking adventure sometime today between breakfast and lunch. 

“Anytime after lunch would be a little ruff,” your pup says, casually walking into the room.

Perhaps they’ve somehow gotten their paws on brochures for Farmington River Trrail or even Belding Wildlife Management Area, placing them somewhere you might see them, like in the fridge or on your work computer’s keyboard, or even, beneath your pillow. Adorable, but clever.

How did your pup manage to do all this, you may ask? Let’s focus on what’s important here, Okay? And that’s finding the best trails near The Landon for dog walks.

Giuffrida Park

A hiking fan favorite, Giuffrida Park offers a peaceful reservoir, a beautiful wetland and incredible views all around, especially from Lamentation Mountain and Chauncey Peak. 

Be aware, this park has many “trap rock” ridges, which are very steep. Of course, there are also easier relatively level trails as well but your pup is bound to bounce happily the whole way.

Sleeping Giant State Park

In the words of one visitor to Sleeping Giant State Park, “My word, what a spot!”

Perfect for a nice long walk, every dog has their day at Sleeping Giant. Of course, this is also a popular park so parking can be difficult depending on which day you arrive.

East Rock Park

Yet another beautiful and unique place near The Landon, East Rock Park is simply incredible. With miles of tree canopies, and an awe inspiring mountainous ridge, there’s also a botanical rose garden. 

Even better? Locals are quite friendly and conscientious here, so you and your pup will likely feel warmly welcomed here too.