How to Staycation this year at Landon at Cromwell

June 23, 2021 | Uncategorized
How to Staycation this year at Landon at Cromwell

Summer is almost officially here and that means it’s vacation season for residents at Landon of Cromwell. 

As we know, this year is different from years past and with most of us asking whether it is safe to spend time on an airplane, cruise ship or train, this year the team at Landon at Cromwell has another idea in mind — take a Staycation at Landon of Cromwell.

Why Take a Staycation?

Think of how much energy it actually takes to go on a vacation. Weeks of planning, days of packing and then the stress of traveling during a pandemic.

While a vacation might instead cause more anxiety this year, a staycation is an incredible way to truly spend more time resting while also giving yourself the one thing you’ve always wanted,  time.

How to Staycation at Landon of Cromwell

Taking a staycation at Landon of Cromwell is incredibly easy. Start by thinking about all of the places in Cromwell and, of course, Hartford and Middletown that you have wanted to visit but have never had the chance to see. Now is your chance!

Here are a few ways to have a staycation at Landon of Cromwell.

Explore Our Neighborhood Parks

After being inside for over a year, most of us have become accustomed to doing things indoors — exercising, reading, meditating. Take it outside. Landon at Cromwell is surrounded by some of the most unique parks in the state including, Cromwell Landing and River Highlands State Park.

Additionally, Riverport Park, Pierson Park and Watrous Park are all just a short drive away from home at Landon at Cromwell. Our local parks are open until dusk all year and they are simply the best places to picnic, fish, and spend time outside.

Enjoy a Sunday Brunch

You can’t go wrong with brunch at Cromwell Diner. The staff is not only friendly, but visit a few times and you’ll feel like family. Try their large pumpkin pancakes or an omlet of your choice.

Build-A-Bar Crawl

When Governor Ned Lamont announced our state’s outdoor bars could reopen May 1, Hartford  bars and restaurants were happy to get back to what they do.

While we’re sure some residents have gotten exceptionally good at home bartending, there’s nothing quite like a good drink made by a trained bartender.

So make a list, and be sure to check out The Blind Pig Pizza.

Relax at the beach

There’s a reason why New Yorkers love to stay in Connecticut for the summer and it’s our beaches. And greater Hartford is surrounded by beaches all within less than 30 minutes to an hour depending on your adventure.

And enjoy your vacation!

So this year, instead of planning, packing and stressing, make your time away from work all yours. Take a Staycation at Landon of Cromwell.